The following rules apply to all LDA sanctioned events.

This is Long Drive! From the moment you step onto the tee box, driver in hand, six balls ready to explode off the club face, this is that rush of adrenaline you have been looking for.

With local qualifiers held all over the country there is sure to be a competition near your. Once you try Long Drive, and hit your best shot, we practically guarantee you’ll be hooked for life. 

The grid is clear, swing away.


  • Competitors have 2:45 to complete their set of six balls
  • Distances are measured from the tee line to the farthest point of the golf ball. A ball must land in and stay in to be counted.
  • A qualified drive must be a minimum of 270 yards for the Open Division.
  • A qualified drive must be a minimum of 250 yards for the Senior Division.
  • A qualified drive must be a minimum of 230 yards for all other divisions.
  • USGA rules apply for the teeing ground, tee and intent to strike.
  • All club heads must conform to USGA standards (next tab)
  • Official golf balls will be provided at each event
  • Tees must NOT be longer than 4 inches in length & USGA approved. The Champ Fly Tees are the official tees of the LDA


Equipment is a personal preference. What works for one person just will not for another. Spend the time to get fit customize the club to your swing.  It can mean 20-30 yards difference!

Professional technicians at Sellinger's Power Golf will be happy to help you find the right equipment that fits best.

If you are competing at any level of the World Long Drive Championship your club must be on the USGA Conforming List.

If you do not see your club on the conforming list then your club must NOT appear on the USGA Non-Conforming list.
This list is updated weekly by the USGA for the most available current information and is the benchmark for all LDA competitions.

If you do not see your exact model and loft on the list, please notify the manufacturer to send in the exact club (model, loft) to the USGA for approval.  If your manufacturer has a USGA Letter of Conforming please fax a copy to 682-549-2112 as soon as possible to be added to the Conforming List.  All independent club builders/manufacturers must submit their clubs to the USGA for testing and fax all USGA conforming letters to 682-549-2112.

Your clubs can and will be checked prior to the beginning of competition.

The LDA understands many competitors use older model metal woods and original titanium clubs that were introduced long before the .830 COR limitations.  These clubs, too numerous too list, will be checked and approved on site by an LDA official or site director for a final decision.

Please e-mail any equipment questions to


  • Proper golf etiquette is required during all levels of the competition.
  • At no time will disorderly conduct, abusive language, intoxication, possession of firearms, and/or possession or use of an illegal substance be tolerated. Violations of this rule shall be cause for immediate expulsion from the event and forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • Dress Code for Local and Regional Events - All competitors must adhere to the host facility dress code It is the responsibility of each competitor to know the dress code of the site.
  • The site director may alter the format and minimum yardage required due to weather or time constraints.
  • The LDA and its agents have the right to refuse service to anyone

To ensure that all members and contestants clearly understand the applicable parameters covering sponsorship and endorsement contracts, the LDA has adopted the following policy for any and all LDA sanctioned events:

All sponsorships, endorsements and promotional activities by competitors, whether during or outside LDA sanctioned competitions, are subject to the approval of the LDA. (For purposes of this policy, all such promotional activity is referred to as “sponsorship”.) Generally, all sponsorships must be tasteful and in accordance with standards of decorum expected of Long Drive Professionals.  Sponsorships by companies whose business reputation or ongoing business activities may reflect adversely upon the image and reputation of the LDA or its sponsors will not be approved.  The following addresses categories of special concern:

Tobacco.  No sponsorships of any sort are permitted with companies selling tobacco products, other than cigars and tobacco smoked in pipes.

Distilled Spirits.  A player may enter into a name and/or likeness agreement with a distilled spirit company.  The ads or promotions (name or likeness) must include a social responsibility message and cannot include a direct call to action (e.g. “Call 1-800-555-5555 or visit us at” or “Drink XYZ Distilled Spirit”). Further, use of a player’s likeness on primary (e.g. bottle label) or secondary (i.e. box or wrapping) distilled spirit packaging is not permitted. A player may not display a distilled spirit name, logo or product likeness on his apparel, headwear, golf bag or golf equipment.   Beer and wine sponsorships are permitted, and sponsorships with legitimate apparel businesses owned or operated by distilled spirits companies are permitted, subject to the following limitations:

·      Any identifier for the apparel line on players’ apparel, head wear, or golf equipment must include language relating specifically to the apparel line (e.g., Johnnie Walker Collection, not “Johnnie Walker”).

·      Any identifier must be limited to one location only per item on any apparel, head wear or golf equipment.

·      No visual representation of any distilled spirits product (e.g., liquor bottle, etc.) may appear on head wear, apparel, or golf bag of a player.

Gambling and Casinos.  Sponsorships by casinos or gambling concerns of any sort, including on-line gaming sites, are not permitted, with the following exception: Sponsorship by a resort that includes a casino is permitted if the sponsorship focuses on non-gambling aspects of the resort and does not conflict with current LDA sponsors.  Such sponsorship may not include the word “casino” (e.g., “Foxwoods” or “Foxwoods Resort” is permitted; “Foxwoods Resort and Casino” is not) or any graphic or verbal depiction of gambling (e.g., cards or dice) in any identifier on the player’s clothing or equipment or in any advertising.  All sponsorships with resorts that include casinos or gambling concerns require prior approval of the LDA. 

Logo Size, Location and Quantity.  Logos on a player’s clothing and headwear must be in good taste as to size, location and quantity.  As a guideline, logos which do not exceed three by five inches (3”x5”) are considered reasonable.  Generally accepted locations are as follows:  right and left chest of shirt, right and left sleeve of shirt, right and left collar of shirt, yoke of the shirt and front, back and sides of headwear.  Examples of unacceptable locations include:  across the back of a shirt, down the length of either sleeve, down the length of a players pant legs and rear-end area of a player's pants.  As a guideline, no more than eight different sponsor logos should appear on a player’s clothing and headwear.  In addition, hat, shirt and pants designs may incorporate the apparel maker’s logo, other corporate logos, words, slogans, or the like provided they do not exceed the 3” x 5” size guideline. 

Q. What does it take to be a world champion?
A. Talent, persistance, mental / physical toughness and maybe a little luck.

Q. What's the average drive? How far do I need to hit it to be competitive?

A. There is no average. There are too many variables, such as weather and grid conditions. The only thing that matters is what happens the day of the competition. Qualifiers have been won with 300 yard drives and with 470+ yard drives. Conditions are the biggest factor.


Q. How do I get involved?

A. World Long Drive Championship qualifying is a three step process.

STEP 1 - Local Qualifier. 

STEP 2 - Regional Championship. 

STEP 3 - World Finals.


Q. Who is eligible to compete in the World Long Drive Championship?

A. All golfers. This includes professionals as well as amateurs.


Q. How old do I have to be compete?

A. Anyone, any age can compete. Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the registration form.


Q. Are there multiple divisions?

A. Yes. There are 7 divisions. Learn more here- How To Compete


Q. How much does it cost to compete in the World Long Drive Championship?

A. Entry fees at the local level are $40 per try (six balls). You may enter multiple times at a local qualifier to post your highest possible distance. Entry fees at the regional level are $150 (one time fee per Regional Championship entered). At the WLDC there is no entry fee for competitors who advance through the local & regional qualifying process.


Q. Do I have to pre-register for a local qualifier?

A. No, you just show up during the posted times.


Q. Do I have to be a LDA member to compete? How do I join?

A. No. Anyone is eligible to compete. Currently there is no membership program.


Q. Where do I find a qualifying site near me?
A. All of the qualifiers are posted to the Qualifiers List. Confirming qualfiiers is an ongoing process and the list is updated weekly. We try to have qualifiers throughout the U.S. but sometimes finding sites with the space neeeded to host is difficult. Please email Rod Moruss at with possible host sites.

Q. What if I don't live in the U.S. or Canada?

A. Multiple international qualifying sites participate. We post our international qualifying sites here. If you have interests in purchasing a franchise or hosting an international qualifier, email Mike Ambriz at


Q. What is a Super Qualifier?

A. Super Qualifiers allow you to qualfiy for multiple regions without having to travel to a local qualiifer in a different region. You cannot compete in Regional Championships that you have not qualified for.


Q. Do I have to compete where I live?

A. No. A competitor may compete at any sanctioned local qualifier. Be aware that if you advance from the local level, you may only compete in the Regional Championship for which you qualified. You cannot compete in Regional Championships that you have not qualified for.


Q. Can I use any club?

A. All clubs used in LDA competitions MUST be USGA conforming. You can find the USGA conforming club list at


Q. What is the best club to use?

A. Equipment is a personal preference. What works for one person may not work for another. Professional technicians at Sellinger's Power Golf will be happy to help you find the right equipment that fits you best. They may be reached at 800-208-9699 or


Q. Can I switch regions because of a scheduling conflict?

A. No. A competitor must compete in the Regional Championship for which they qualified.


Q. Can I just show up at a Regional Championship?

A. No, you must have qualified at a local qualifier or have a host/site director exemption. You MUST be pre-registered with the LDA. Player packets with detailed Regional Championship information are emailed to each competitor approximately 30 days prior to the event.


Q. Can I qualify for multiple Regional Championships?

A. Yes. Competitors may qualify for as many Regional Championships as desired. This gives you options as you may not advance to the WLDC at your first Regional Championship.


Q. How many competitors advance to the Regional Championship?

A. This depends on how many paid entries there are at each local event. See below:


No of Paid Entries / No. of Regional Qualifiers

1-6 - One Competitor advances

7-15 - Two Competitors advance

16-25 - Three Competitors advance

26-37 - Four Competitors advance

38-49 - Five Competitors advance

50 + - Six Competitors advance*

*The maximum number of competitors that advance from any one local qualifier to a Regional Championship is six (6).


Q. How will I know if I have advanced to the regional?

A. Results are posted to the qualifiers list once they have been returned from the host facility and verified. Approximately a month before the Regional Championship you will receive an email from LDA with the player packet. If you did not receive an email or think you have advanced you can contact the LDA office at 888-233-4654


Q. What supplements are allowed or illegal?

A. Click here for the LDA Drug Testing Policy & Banned Substance List. It is best to check with a doctor or your primary physician before using any performance or questionable substances.


Q. How do I get sponsored?

A. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

  • Compete- There is no point in sponsoring someone who doesn't compete. Prove to the company that you can bring them exposure. If you haven't competed and proven yourself, why would someone invest their time and money on you?
  • It's not "what can the brand do for you" but "what can you do for the brand"- How can you bring the sponsor; business, revenue and exposure. Thats what a potential sponsor wants to know, not that you can drive the par 4's at your local muni.
  • Start Small- Start out at the local level. The golf club or facility where you practice, your regular golfing buddies, those that know your ability. Get 4 or 5 of these people to sponsor you and you are on your way.
  • Your public image- In the day and age of the internet and social media the way you represesnt yourself on Twitter, FaceBook, etc... matters. If you post innapropriate images, use foul language or express views that may offend others, people will take this as a direct reflection of the sponsor. 
  • Have a nitch- What seperates you from the other guy? Have something that will leave a lasting impression, a good impression. This helps people identify with you on a personal level and furthermore helps them identify you with your sponsor.
  • Be Thankful- A small gesture like sending a thank you note or email can go a long way. If you attend an event, play in a pro-am, volunteer your long drive services or get paid for them, send a "Thank You" afterwards. This can pay huge dividends down the road or when you least expect it.